How we manage community assets

Asset Management is a comprehensive planning process to ensure Council services delivered by $2.25bn worth of infrastructure assets are provided in the most cost effective and financially sustainable manner.

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) aims to:

  • Define a Level of Service that maintains the assets and the community accepts
  • Predict future demands on the service
  • Understand the condition of the existing assets providing the service
  • Determine the funding required to maintain and finally renew aged assets

5 AMP’s are presented here for the following asset categories:

  • Roads
  • Footpaths
  • Stormwater
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Pump Stations

(The Buildings AMP was adopted by Council, October 2019)

The AMP’s are prepared over a 10 year planning period and adopt a ‘whole of network’ funding approach for each asset category.A network approach ensures effective and sustainable financial management by:

  • anticipating and planning for future capital renewals to avoid financial shocks,
  • and optimize the value delivered from our Annual Business Plan and Budget.
The 10 year financial projections in each AMP inform Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.The following graph depicts the anticipated expenditure for each asset class over the projection period as identified from each AMP review.Identifying both Renew/Replace and Upgrade/New capital expenditure levels will assist Council to make informed decisions regarding future projects.
Asset Management Plans

Blue line- Renew/ Replace

Red line- Upgrade/ New

Green line- Long Term Financial Plan (Total)

The 2020 edition of the AMP’s are supported by:

  • a short video describing what Asset Management is (see above)
  • overview documents for a snapshot of each asset class (see documents to the right)

Further information about the strategic intent and framework for our AMPs is contained in our Asset Management Strategy.

We are seeking your feedback on how we manage these assets via these AMP’s. Feedback must be received by Friday 9 October 2020.

Please complete the survey below, or if you would like any additional information or discuss the plans further you can contact James Nenke on 8405 6992 or,