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You have helped us plan for a better City of PAE. Below is the outcome of our community engagement between 26 April - 25 May 2022.

Annual Business Plan 2022-2023

  • Our Elected Members have reviewed all the contributions we received. They have now adopted the plan as drafted. Meanwhile, we have referred any feedback that requires further investigation or consideration for immediate action. Alternatively, where appropriate, we have used such feedback to inform our ongoing planning and budgeting.


As we continue our community-led recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will deliver projects and services to help our community to connect, heal and thrive. An average rate increase of 3.95% will harness new opportunities and growth, while recognising the cost of living pressures on our community. This is significantly lower than March 2022 CPI (4.7%) and represents an average increase of $33 per year per household. During 2022-23 we will:
  • Complete Design of the Aboriginal Cultural Centre
  • Continue our adaptation to climate change through our Living Environment Strategy to green our City, lower our emissions, and protect our coast and landscape
  • Upgrade change rooms at Greenacres, T K Shutter and Gepps Cross Reserves to modernise and make them more accessible
  • Celebrate and enjoy the Port River with the inaugural three-day Port River Sports Festival featuring sports, performance, culture and food
  • Complete master plans for upcoming redevelopment projects at the Semaphore Foreshore and E P Nazer Reserve
  • Deliver eight playground upgrades across the City including Dover Street Reserve (Blair Athol) and Polonia Reserve (Croydon Park)
  • Deliver $64.2 million of infrastructure works to improve our streetscapes, community facilities, roads, drainage, parks and reserves

This budget will enable us to maintain our existing $1.7 billion of infrastructure and deliver services that are both sustainable and in line with our community’s needs and expectations.

Rates At Work


The draft plan was presented to the community for feedback between 26 April - 25 May 2022.

A regular Meeting of Council was held on Tuesday 10 May 2022 commencing at 7 pm at the Town Hall on 34 Nile Street, Port Adelaide.

We invited all members of the public to attend, either as an interested observer or to present a submission about the draft Annual Business Plan to Council.

Consultation on our Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget 2022-23

Our Timeline

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Community Engagement

    25 April - 26 May

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Public Meeting

    10 May

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Special Council Meeting - Adoption

    28 June

Community Ideas

Let's Talk.

A space for sharing your ideas for 2022-2023 (Please use the form on the right of this page for longer comments)

24 May, 2022

Sgrieve says:

Would like Council to focus on basics like footpaths in older areas and less on reducing emissions.

24 May, 2022

Sgrieve says:

Council needs to think more broadly about the impact of infill development in areas like Queenstown. Moving from low density to medium.

23 May, 2022

arif says:

Build kids cycling learning path around Jack Watkins Reseve. This reserve can be turned into adventure park. My google photo got 50k view.

23 May, 2022

arif says:

Develop and increase the size of Kids play area at Jack Watkins Reserve. The parking area should also be increased. Need upgrade the toilet.

22 May, 2022

NoonieG says:

Plant indigenous trees & shrubs - low water usage and/ or Self propagating fruit trees.

22 May, 2022

NoonieG says:

Free/ low cost access to swimming area in the river if feasible. Loop bus to North Haven - Mawson lakes.

22 May, 2022

NoonieG says:

Work with state government to get the branch train line built. More bins in dock one to encourage residents to clean up after their dogs

22 May, 2022

TatianaColombin says:

total support for CAT CURFEWS, eradication and fines for owners allowing cats to stray and kill wildlife in our yards/wetland areas.

21 May, 2022

Hefree says:

Encourage residents to plant locally indigenous plants by subsidising purchases from specialist native nurseries, like Provenance Indigenous

21 May, 2022

corefinesse says:

Encourage small businesses to move into the area by offering initial set-up subsidies. This in turn creates jobs.

21 May, 2022

Jayne says:

More bins in the area and not just down semaphore road.

21 May, 2022

Sjb says:

More toilet facilities along linear Park Campbelltown, and Paradise, in particular the Greenglade Drive playground.

We would like to hear your thoughts about our proposed plans and budget for 2022-2023


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