Have your say about road safety and traffic management in Manningham, Hampstead Gardens, Hillcrest and Gilles Plains.

We have now developed the draft 5086 Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) scheme and we would like your feedback.

In March 2021 we wrote to all residents and business owners in the study area seeking feedback on traffic-related issues in your street and across the suburb. We received over 400 feedback submissions in reply for the 5086 LATM Project. Members of the community told us about their observations on speeding, traffic volume, parking and other relevant matters.

First, we reviewed everyone’s feedback along with the technical data (including traffic counts and crash history). We formed a working group of residents from the local area to develop the 5086 LATM scheme.

Council at its April 2022 meeting endorsed the draft 5086 LATM scheme. A copy of this report can be found in the documents library

And now we would like to know what you think!

Next Seps

At the end of the consultation period, we will consider all the feedback that we have received and then report it to Council at the August 2022 Council Meeting. Subject to endorsement of the draft scheme, further engagement will then occur with residents directly impacted by a proposed treatment to further work through specific requirements which may need to be considered in the design and installation of the traffic control device.

Implementation of the LATM plan is expected to occur during the financial year 2022–23, subject to Council endorsement.