What we asked you

We developed the draft 5086 LATM scheme based on the initial feedback we received from residents and community members in March 2021.

During June and July 2022, we asked you to review the draft maps and proposed traffic controls and provide your feedback, specifically considering:

  • Your level of support for the overall scheme
  • If you supported the proposed 40km speed zone
  • If you supported part time turn restrictions on Ways Road

What we heard

Manningham and Hampstead Gardens had a general scheme support rate of 67% (combination of 'I am supportive' and 'I am supportive, but have some concerns'). As such, we have made updates to the proposed treatments in this area to better reflect what the local community wanted for their streets.

From a review of the feedback received, the ‘I support with some concerns’ option was selected for several reasons:

  • A specific piece of feedback was provided on a treatment or street;
  • Additional streets or treatments were requested, typically parking controls or traffic calming; and/or
  • Alternate treatment proposal or alternative staging option provided.

Furthermore, from a review of the feedback, the ‘I do not support’ option was selected for these common reasons:

  • Adamantly against a specific treatment (i.e. road humps or turn bans); and/or
  • Didn’t perceive any traffic issues in the study area.

61% of respondents generally supported a 40km/hr area wide speed zone. Further engagement will occur for the proposed area wide 40km/hr speed limit throughout Hampstead Gardens and Manningham.

With only 37% support from the broader community for part time turn restrictions around Way Rd, it was decided not to proceed with this traffic treatment. The objective was to reduce ‘rat running’ particularly via Way Street, however, from the consultation it was clear from the broader community that these controls would be too restrictive for residents and their daily travels.

  • Level of support for the draft LATM scheme

    I am supportive - 26%

    I am supportive, but have some concerns - 41%

    I am not supportive - 33%

  • Do you support the proposed 40km speed zone?

    Yes - 61%

    No - 34%

    NA - 5%

  • Do you support the Ways Rd turn restrictions?

    Yes- 37%

    No - 59%

    NA - 4%

Public Consultation Policy, Please note name and address are required to comply with Council’s Public Consultation Policy. All submissions will be treated as public documents upon receipt.

Individuals will not be identified publicly without permission.

Closing the loop, we will make efforts to 'close-the-loop' with project contributors and followers. We may occasionally send information to acknowledge a contribution, provide key updates on engagement and project processes and outcomes.