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Naa marni
(are you all good)?

Puki Puki tampi'dlu, nartangka wapi'dlu, marnintya
(Welcome. Let us recognise the past, act in the present and build a better future)

Join us on our journey planning an Aboriginal Cultural Centre for PAE

We have been working closely with local Aboriginal Custodians, including our Aboriginal Advisory Panel, to create a shared vision for a new Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Yerta Bulti, the heart of Port Adelaide.

In March 2022 Council endorsed a Concept Plan and Business Case for the project, and agreed to start on detailed designs. The occasion was momentous with Project Custodian Group members present, some of whom have been actively advocating for a Centre for over twenty years.

We've undertaken intensive culturally-embedded co-design processes with our Custodians to establish a Concept Plan for the Centre. The shared design direction includes strong cultural principles developed in partnership with leadership from Custodians. The Concept Plan sets up a framework to ensure the delivery and ongoing management of the Centre is grounded in people and place.

An overview of the Concept Plan will be available soon

Find out more about the project below and continue down the page to share your vision for the Cultural Centre, you can add this as public or private.

Our shared vision

The concept of an Aboriginal Cultural Centre in PAE has been discussed for more than 20 years.

Our Aboriginal Advisory Panel, Elders and community, our Project Custodians, have been instrumental in developing this shared ambition.

Our shared vision is

  • A place for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to learn, experience and be immersed in Aboriginal culture.
  • A culturally safe place to gather. A place to practice, share, celebrate and record culture past, present and emerging.
  • A place to connect to country and culture.

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre is envisaged as a community place providing a range of activities and opportunities for both First Nations and non-First Nations people. It will be an authentic place to be immersed in local culture.

The Centre will have indoor and outdoor activity and performance spaces, public amenities, office and meeting rooms, extensive landscaping, artwork and entry statements and areas with access to the water.

What is the proposed location?

The proposed site is the Western Region Park, Port Adelaide, with its direct connection to Yerta Bulti Country (the area around the Port River) and the rich cultural history of the Kaurna People.

Aboriginal Cultural Centre, location map, Western Region Reserve, Yerta Bulti, Port Adelaide

Council’s approach for this project allows for cultural exchange within the design process, offering an example of a working method that is collaborative and respectful. This inclusive process will be continued to identify a Kaurna place name for the locality currently known as Western Region Reserve.

Council staff are facilitating a series of discussions that will involve Project Custodian Group members, Aboriginal Advisory Panel members and representatives from Kaurna Warra Karrpanthi Kaurna language research team at the University of Adelaide.

It is essential that our Aboriginal community is empowered to select a suitable Kaurna name, with the guidance and cultural authority of local Elders. Council’s

Project Custodians share their thoughts on the meaning of the journey, the cultural centre, place, culture and Country (four short videos).

View our extended playlist of Aboriginal Cultural Centre Videos here

Ingrid O’Loughlin artwork, orange circle
Ingrid O'Loughlin artwork - Orange circle
Orange circle
Ingrid O'Loughlin artwork - Orange circle

Public Consultation Policy

All submissions will be treated as public documents upon receipt. Individuals will not be identified publicly without permission.

Closing the loop

The City of PAE will make efforts to 'close-the-loop' with project contributors and followers. We may occasionally send information to acknowledge a contribution, provide key updates on engagement and project processes and outcomes.

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Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Policy

Acknowledgement of Country

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield would like to acknowledge that these projects and engagements are taking place on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people. We pay respect to elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge the continued relationship that Aboriginal people have with Country, culture and beliefs. We further acknowledge the important contributions that Aboriginal people continue to play within our shared community.