Project update 19/08

Thank you to those who participated in the recent engagement on making changes to our budget, to increase and improve council assets.

Please note that council voted to endorse the addendums at its August 2021 meeting.

If you have any questions about the project, please reach out direct to James Nenke, Asset Planning Officer, City of PAE on (08) 6992 8405 or

Assets are things that council manages, and include roads, footpaths, drains, community halls, parks, playgrounds, libraries and more.

Asset Management Plans (AMPs) makes sure these assets are looked after in the most financially responsible way. AMPs outline the maintenance and funding needed for each asset over a 10-year planning period.

Sometimes, changes or additions (addendums) need to be made to AMPs, based on new information.

As a result of recent planning and other strategic work, addendums have been recommended for existing AMPs, which represents an increase in expenditure of $76 million over 10 years. This includes:

  • Two pump stations (considered a requirement by the studies concluded in the Port River East Stormwater Management Plan, and Lefevre Peninsula Stormwater Management Plan)
  • Implementation of the Public Toilet Strategy
  • Implementation of the Inclusive Sport Facilities Strategy

At the 8 June 2021 Council meeting, addendums to the 10 Year Capital Expenditure tables within the following AMPs were presented for consideration:

  • Existing Buildings
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Storm water
  • Pump Stations

At the meeting, Council resolved that these addendums would be released for public review and comment.

How to Have your Say

1. Review the proposals. The proposed addendums, Council reports and table of comparative expenditure between the existing and proposed plans can be reviewed via the links in the document library on this page.

2. Complete the short survey below.