The Annual Business Plan and Budget documents our commitment to deliver great outcomes for you, our community in 2020-2021.It sets outhow community funds will deliver services and facilities you use daily like the libraries; community centres; parks and playgrounds; sporting facilities; roads and footpaths; and waste and recycling.

The draft budget includes a $2.4 million COVID-19 Fund to assist our community - by providing financial assistance and services that support our residents, ratepayers and businesses.

Other highlights of the 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan and Budget include:

  • Building and operating a Material Recovery Facility in conjunction with Charles Sturt Council to reduce landfill and generate employment
  • Investment in stormwater management to keep homes and businesses safe
  • Traffic Management improvements to improve access and parking across our city
  • The upgrade of seven playgrounds
  • Tree planting to green our city and increase our canopy coverage, supporting key climate change initiatives
  • Commence Streetscaping works along Prospect Road, Kilburn
  • Improvements to community facilities, sporting clubs and grounds such as the development of Regency Park, and the upgrade to facilities at LJ Lewis Reserve and Eastern Parade Reserve
The proposed budget includes a rate increase of 1.5%, which equates to an increase of $16 a year for the average ratepayer. The City of PAE will remain one of the lowest rating metropolitan councils in Adelaide.

15 June, 2020

Patriciag says:

When sending out information asking for suggestions, give us a little more time than the last day for submissions.

15 June, 2020

PeterJ says:

The Reserve on Rockingham Drive, Lightsview needs urgent development as it is currently going unused as there are no kids playing activities

14 June, 2020

Raylee says:

Please do the upgrade on Rowe Avenur

13 June, 2020

55 years local says:

Retain all trees on Rowe Ave Reserve. Understorey indigenous plantings will help biodiversity. No need for footpath, 2 exist already.

13 June, 2020

melaniem says:

Would like the road reserve on the corner of Vasey St & Redward Ave, Greenacres beautified. I feel it needs some love and attention.

12 June, 2020

Mark says:

Please build a playground on Rockingham Drive Reserve, Lightsview as part of the playground upgrades

8 June, 2020

JPGR62 says:

Let's encourage Multi-Culture i.e. Italian, Chinese, Polish, Greek along Prospect Road not Mono-Culture i.e. Middle Eastern.

7 June, 2020

Trent says:

Increasing rates during a recession is unacceptable. Please consider freezing rates this year.

5 June, 2020

Barb White says:

Eastern Parade Drain can it not be improved cosmetically greening up like the old Port Road has been ?

5 June, 2020

Simon says:

port districts football club desperately needs new club rooms change rooms etc what needs to be done to get these major improvements done

4 June, 2020

Haydn R says:

Please stop squashing 3 houses(cubicles) on 800m2 block. Cramped living conditions with cars blocking the streets.

4 June, 2020

DouglasP says:

A rate rise during an economic recession doesn’t seem sensible. The council should also consult the community a little wider about the rise.

Your wellbeing is our priority

A lot has changed for all of us over the last three months. Since COVID-19, we have been working to make sure our community are safe and healthy.

We are continuing to provide waste collection, community development and community safety services, pubic health services and environmental care.Plus, we have additional online services and support available.

We want to hear from you about what Council can do to help you stay well.

Rates Relief

If you are currently experiencing financial difficulty as a direct result of COVID-19 we would like to offer you our support and provide options for rate payments. Register at https://www.cityofpae.sa.gov.au/council/role-and-function/rates

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Why create an ABPB?

The Annual Business Plan and Budget documents our commitment to deliver great outcomes for you, our community in 2020-2021. It sets out how community funds will deliver services and facilities you use daily like the libraries, community centres, parks & playgrounds, sporting facilities, roads & footpaths and waste & recycling.

What does PAE spend my rates on?

We use your rates to provide services and programs for the community. This includes:

  • Ensuring stormwater management keeps homes and businesses safe
  • Providing safe roads and footpaths
  • Creating and maintaining spaces for people to enjoy, such as sporting grounds, open space, trees, gardens and playgrounds
  • Providing services required by legislation, such as food and environmental health, planning and building (development) opportunities, and community safety functions such as animal management and managing local nuisances
  • Waste management
  • Delivering services to the community to connect people, create learning opportunities and make life easier or more enjoyable, including the operation of five libraries, three community centres and the community bus.

For more information about where your rate dollars go, visit our online Rates at Work calculator at http://online.cityofpae.sa.gov.au/cityplan/rates-a...

How did we arrive at a 1.5% rate increase?

The budget includes a 1.5% rates increase plus growth - growth being represented by an increase in rateable properties. This year, Council wanted to ensure that it can create a COVID fund to support our community during this challenging time. $2.4M has been allocated to this fund for the purpose of supporting those in our community who have been impacted by COVID, including stimulating the local economy.

Council determines the amount it needs to collect in rates revenue to meet its financial responsibilities to deliver the services and infrastructure initiatives for the coming year. Several Council workshops and meetings were run to consider the budget with the Elected Members before approving the preferred rate.

How does PAE compare with other metropolitan Councils?

Traditionally PAE has been one of the lowest carriers of debt compared to other metro councils. When developing our budgets we are conscious of delivering services that the community need and want, keeping rates low and undertaking prudent borrowing. We manage our finances over a 10-year period through the Long Term Financial Plan to ensure we remain financially sustainable.

The City of PAE has traditionally had very low rates as a comparison to other councils. The average residential rate across metropolitan councils is $1,643. The below table depicts how in 2019-2020 Port Adelaide Enfield (PAE) continues to have the lowest average residential rate increase in metro Adelaide.

Individual Metro Councils

Individual Metro Councils

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For any other inquiries or if you want to request for a printed copy of the document please send an email to consultation@cityofpae.sa.gov.au with Have your Say in the subject or call (08) 8405 6600.