Based on community conversations and modelling, a draft Stormwater Management Plan has been prepared for the Barker Inlet Central area.

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About the study area

The Barker Inlet Central area includes Prospect, Devon Park, Dudley Park, Croyden Park, Ferryden Park, Regency Park, Woodville Gardens, Kilburn, Mansfield Park, Angle Park and Wingfield.

The Barker Inlet Wetland is to the north of this area, and is designed to accommodate stormwater runoff from over 4,500 hectares of catchment comprising much of the suburbs north of the Adelaide CBD. The area is highly urbanised with commercial and industrial developments, major roads and rail infrastructure.

About the Stormwater Management Plan

The Barker Inlet Central SMP will provide greater clarity on stormwater management issues in the area. The SMP will guide Council’s decisions to better manage flood risk, water quality, stormwater detention/retention, water reuse and development in the area.

The SMP was prepared with the following goals:

1. Identify flood-prone areas and opportunities to reduce flooding, taking into consideration the management of stormwater infrastructure and the projected impacts of climate change

2. Improve the water quality of stormwater discharging into the Barker Inlet

3. Investigate opportunities for water conservation, stormwater harvesting, and re-use

4. Protect and enhance water-dependent ecosystems

5. Provide principles and policies to inform future decision making regarding stormwater management.

The Plan has been prepared by The City of Port Adelaide Enfield, City of Prospect and the City of Charles Sturt, with joint funding from the Stormwater Management Authority, in partnership with a consultant team led by Southfront.

How to have your say

1. Review the flood map and draft plan

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