We are looking to create opportunities for a new housing estate (and possible new shopping centre) in the southern part of the Council area.

To do this, the land use zoning in that area needs to be changed through a legal process controlled by state legislation. The zoning change must also be approved by the state Minister for Planning.

The affected land is currently zoned for industrial use. It is proposed to change the zoning to a ‘Suburban Neighbourhood Zone’. If approved, this new zoning will allow for a mix of residential, commercial and mixed uses to be developed at the site over the coming years. It is envisaged that the current industrial uses at the site will relocate to other sites. The zoning change is supported by the current industrial owners.

The technical document for this proposal is called a Development Plan Amendment. Other supporting documents (including traffic studies, retail studies, and site contamination investigations) are also available.

This information will be published in the Gazette and a link provided.
You are invited to provide your comments about the proposal by:

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  • Sending your comments by email to: consultation@cityofpae.sa.gov.au
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