Consultation outcome 16/12/21

Council originally consulted on a roundabout for the intersection (which was well supported) but as reported previously, such a proposal was not deemed feasible due to design vehicle requirements, cost and existing conditions making construction difficult.

Accordingly, Council consulted with key stakeholders on a ‘raised platform’ and associated protected right turn lane at the eastern side of the intersection.

55% of respondents supported the proposal and Council endorsed for the raised platform to be funded and built at the August 2021 Council meeting.

The raised platform has now been constructed. Thank you for the communities feedback and support.

Previous engagement

Council previously consulted with the local community on a proposed roundabout for the intersection of East Parkway and the Strand, Lightsview, to slow down traffic and improve safety.

During the first stage of engagement there was strong support for a roundabout at this location. Further investigation has shown a roundabout is not feasible at this location for reasons including

  • prohibitive cost due to
    • larger roundabout size (compared to original proposal) be required to accommodate bus movements, significantly increasing overall cost
    • significant additional pavement modification to support changes
  • encroachment into the adjacent reserve
  • loss of trees
Accordingly, to slow down traffic and improve this intersection, a more cost effective alternative option is now proposed consisting of a ‘raised red platform’ on the eastern arm of the intersection. This design has been proven to lower speeds at and on approach to the intersection by increasing driver reaction time and reinforcing right of way. This proposal is considered a significant improvement to the existing conditions and still includes the proposal to improve the safety of motorists waiting to turn right from west to east and improve delineation further to the west of the intersection. Artist’s impressions showing how the new treatment would look and plans of the proposed safety upgrade are available to view from this page.

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