Proposed e-Scooter Zone Expansion

The City of PAE have recently extended the trial of the e-Scooters along the Coast Park for another 12 months with the current operators.

In addition to this, we would like to consider the extension of e-Scooters into nearby side streets. This would include footpaths and roads up to Military Road, and along the Semaphore Road footpath to Glanville train station (excluding Semaphore between the Esplanade and Military Road).

Roads where footpaths are too narrow or too congested to safely accommodate scooters are excluded.

View the proposed area on the map. The proposed expanded zone is in addition to the current e-scooter access along the Coast Park Trail (which is not shown on the map).

Name and address must be included with your submission. Submissions are treated as public documents.


Consultation has closed. Thank you for your interest and contributions to this process.

Submissions to will be collated and a report presented to Council at the August 2021 Council meeting (10/08/21).

Council will decide at that meeting whether to support the proposal.

If there is not council support for the proposal, the outcome will be known at the August Council meeting.

If there is council support, it will then go to the Minister for Transport for consideration, and the final outcome will be known approximately 1-2 months after the August Council meeting.

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