We are committed to protecting and promoting heritage right around the City of PAE.

We are now developing a Heritage Strategy to provide a clear picture of our ongoing commitment to the City’s heritage and our approach to fulfilling the City Plan 2030 vision to 'protect, embrace and celebrate the City’s heritage'.

We want to hear from you on the draft key-directions for the strategy

  • Cultivate a shared custodianship of heritage
  • Protect PAE's heritage for the future
  • Conserve heritage places
  • Show-case Council-owned heritage buildings
  • Activate heritage precincts and places
  • Create a vibrant Port Adelaide State Heritage Area
  • Celebrate and promote heritage
  • Progress heritage tourism

Review the draft key directions then provide your feedback below.

The Strategy will include a three-year action Plan that identifies Council’s priorities for future funding and allocation of resources to achieve this vision and future directions for heritage.

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