What we asked you

Council is committed to protecting and promoting the City of PAE's heritage.

In November 2021, we invited comments on a draft set of ‘key directions’ to help guide the preparation of a Heritage Strategy.

Based on your feedback, we prepared a draft PAE Built Heritage Strategy 2022. We consulted on the draft PAE Built Heritage Strategy between 8 April 2022 and 15 May 2022.

We sent 1,400 letters to:

  • owners of State Heritage listed places
  • owners of property within the Port Adelaide State Heritage area
  • owners of local heritage listed places
  • owners of ‘Representative Buildings’ (formerly ‘Contributory Items’)
  • tenants of Council owned heritage buildings
  • heritage organisations
  • museums and selected business operators
  • relevant Government agencies
  • selected major developers

We also consulted with the broader community via Council’s website and the Have Your Say PAE platform.

What we heard

We received 22 responses

  • 18 were online survey form responses
  • We received written responses from State Agencies (Planning and Land Use Services, State Planning Commission, SA Heritage) & Port Adelaide Branch of the National Trust
  • The majority of resident responses were from owners of heritage buildings (mostly Representative Buildings) in PAE

There was strong agreement that the draft strategies and actions met the vision for built heritage in the City Plan 2030.

The most frequently raised issues were:

  • The need for Council to undertake regular heritage reviews to list and protect heritage places
  • Incentives to owners and increasing /improving heritage grants program
  • New development needs to be sympathetic and respond to streetscapes
  • Activation of heritage precincts and Port Adelaide State Heritage Area
  • Encouraging greater activation and adaptive re-use of buildings
  • Increasing the role of Heritage Advisor and making more advice available

Next steps

Following consideration of the feedback received, the draft PAE Built Heritage Strategy was updated and formally endorsed by Council at its meeting on 12 July 2022.

An implementation plan has been developed in conjunction with the strategy and will serve as a rolling program of activities to be delivered according to the new Council's agreed prioritisation process, annual budgets and available resources.