The City of PAE has commenced the development of its first Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS). The ITS is an opportunity to create a well planned and people friendly transport environment. The ITS is envisaged to be a guiding strategy for the next ten year period 2021-31, and will align with the City Plan 2030 and other important strategies to create a framework that will guide transport investment and policy decisions. The ITS will also respond to the state government’s transport strategy and land use planning for better integration of the council’s transport infrastructure with the wider transport network.

By participating in this community engagement you will be providing us with valuable feedback on how you currently experience the transport environment and help us improve it. The community has an important role in identifying issues and opportunities relevant to transport infrastructure.

Your feedback will guide the development of the strategy, particularly in relation to five key areas such as road safety, travel time, parking, cycling and walking and public transport network. Feedback must be submitted by 7 August (5pm) to be included.


  • Timeline item 1

    Community Engagement

    1 July - 7 August

  • Timeline item 2

    Draft ITS Development


  • Timeline item 3

    Draft Strategy endorsed by Council

    14 September

  • Timeline item 4

    Community Consultation on draft strategy

    September - October

  • Timeline item 5

    Strategy adopted by Council

    8 December


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