As part of our ongoing commitment to making our streets safer and improving amenity in our local community, we have commenced an ambitious Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) study for the suburbs of Klemzig/ Windsor Gardens/ Holden Hill.

The study area covers the entirety of Klemzig and Windsor Gardens and the section of Holden Hill within our Council area. The study area is bounded by North East Road, Fife Street, Linear Park, Kiltie Avenue, Lyons Road and Tarton Road.

The LATM study is being undertaken as part of Council’s LATM program. The LATM program is aimed at improving local traffic, pedestrian and parking issues. Common concerns raised in the area include:

  • speeding, traffic volume and traffic safety issues
  • non-local traffic ‘rat-running’ through the area
  • difficulty crossing particular roads

Please refer to the Document Library (on the right) for an overview map of the study area, or below for the interactive map.

Please lodge your feedback regarding the Klemzig / Windsor Gardens / Holden Hill LATM study by 16 July 2021.

How can you participate?

We would like to invite you to share your traffic related experiences or concerns on your street and within the study area with us. You have 3 options to complete the survey:

1. Online - click one the blue bottom at the top of this page that says Start the survey now.

2. Mail - complete the questionnaire in the Document Library and mail it back to us.

3. Scan - complete the questionnaire in the Document Library, scan and email it to us via

Please complete one questionnaire per household. All representations will be considered.

Resident Advisory Group

We will form a local stakeholder advisory group to include community views throughout the project. This small group would consist of residents/stakeholders with local knowledge of traffic issues within the study area. It is expected that each suburb would have a fair number of representatives based on their size and any complex issues. The group will assist us with the conceptualisation of the LATM plan.

If you are interested in becoming part of the group, please ensure that you tick ‘Yes’ for question 5 of the Questionnaire form (either online or hard copy) before submitting it or email us your interest separately via

Want to learn more about the study area?

Data relating to traffic volumes and speeds, vehicle crashes, demographic information, extent of property subdivision, public and community bus networks, footpath network and locations of local activity centres (retail precincts and schools) can be viewed on interactive maps linked below: