Have your say on our Long-Term Financial Plan 2023-32

We’ve got a vision for the City of PAE for 2030 and are investing now to help create a city that values its diverse community and embraces change through innovation, resilience, and community leadership.

Over the next decade, we will be increasing spending on:

To achieve financial sustainability, we undertake long-term planning to think about the future and prioritise the works, projects and services we will deliver. This ensures we are maintaining services in line with community expectations, and renewing our assets like roads, playgrounds, parks, libraries and community centres.

Our Long-Term Financial Plan 2023-32 is a forward thinking document that outlines our proposed spending on services, infrastructure and facilities for the next ten years. We previously updated our Asset Management Plans in 2020-21, and have developed a draft Annual Business Plan for 2022-23. There have been changes in the economic environment recently, so we are proposing some changes to reflect this in our Long-Term Financial Plan.

You are invited to have your say about the assumptions and financial projections in the Long-Term Financial Plan 2023-32. Read the plan below and complete the survey by 5pm Sunday 26 June 2022.

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