What's happening?

The City of PAE considered a proposal to revoke the Community Land classification of allotment 117 Bower Road, Semaphore South and for potential disposal of surplus land with sale proceeds to go towards improving open space amenity within the relevant Council Ward.

In accordance with section 194 of the Local Government Act 1999, we commenced public consultation on the Community Land revocation proposal by placing a notice in The Advertiser on 17 June 2022.

Submissions were invited on the proposed revocation of Community Land classification between 17 June and 20 July 2022.

What we heard

Of the 250 people who had visited the Have Your Say Page on Council Website, 16 of those had provided feedback equating to 6.4% of site visits. The remaining 234 site visitors did not provide an objection or feedback to the proposal.

From the 16 submissions received the following common themes are noted:

  • Loss of Greenspace / Open space

    Response: The Open Space Strategy (2021-2026) provides a guide for the development and provision of open space in the city, now and into the future.

    The Bower Road site could be considered for open space and recreation facilities however, this vacant land is directly adjacent to Glanville golf course (3.41 hectares), and is in close proximity to EP Nazer (6.51 hectares) and John Hart Reserves (3.14 hectares) and Semaphore Foreshore.

  • Environmental Impacts

    Response: Staff have investigated concerns related to the environmental impact with no evidence of any contamination being noted.

  • Loss of thoroughfare

    Response: Council administration have determined alternate access to the golf course should this lot be disposed. The distance from Bower Road allotment to Robin Road would be approximately 195 meters and the distance from Bower Road allotment to Military Road is approximately 180 meters.

  • Re-location of existing infrastructure

    Response: Re-location of the Green keeper shed to a more suitable location from the Bower Road portion of land has been factored from existing budget lines.

  • Objection to disposal of land

    Response: From the 16 submissions received, 2 submissions could be considered as positive to the revocation of community land classification and disposal of land. The 14 other submissions vary in adverse feedback to the proposal.

What was decided

A report went to Council on 9 August 2022, recommending that Council progress with the Revocation of Community Land Classification over portion of land located between 25 and 33 Bower Rd, Semaphore South and following a response from the Minister, a further report be presented to Council in 2023 to advise of the Minister decision and to seek Council’s final consideration of this land disposal matter.

Having taken into consideration the public submissions, Council resolved not to proceed to obtain the approval of the Minister for Planning (‘the Minister’) of the proposed revocation of the Community Land classification of the land identified as Allotment 117 Bower Road, Semaphore South.

Public Consultation Policy, Please note name and address are required to comply with Council’s Public Consultation Policy. All submissions will be treated as public documents upon receipt.

Individuals will not be identified publicly without permission.

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