We are committed to providing high-quality open spaces for community use throughout Kilburn and Blair Athol.

A new reserve will be created north of Rushworth Reserve, which will be used to manage the stormwater runoff from the surrounding area by creating a lowered stormwater basin planted with vegetation and designed to store stormwater runoff that would otherwise potentially cause flooding in the local area. It is important to make sure that the stormwater is adequately controlled. The reserve will also be available for recreational use by the community.

It is proposed to close a segment of Anson Street to connect the Rushworth and Dover Street Reserves and create a larger continuous open space area.

The portion of Anson Street that is proposed for closure is identified as ‘A’ on the attached ‘Preliminary Plan’ available in the Document Library. More information about the proposed road closure is contained in the document called "Information about the proposed closure of portion of Anson Street"

This information has been published in the Gazette at this link.

You are invited to provide your comments about the proposal by:

  • Writing to the Manager Property & Building Assets, City of Port Adelaide Enfield, PO Box 110, Port Adelaide SA 5015
  • Sending your comments by email to: consultation@cityofpae.sa.gov.au
  • Signing in and leaving your feedback below

Please note that all submissions must include full name and address, and will be treated as public documents. All comments must be received by Council by 5pm Friday 29 January 2021