Semaphore Road Zebra crossing

Concern has been raised about the safety and ease of access for pedestrians along Semaphore Road between the Esplanade and Military Road, Semaphore.

Accordingly, a pedestrian survey was undertaken mid last year to understand the pedestrian movement demand and where people were intending on crossing and found the most popular locations were just east of Customs Lane and near ‘Whipped’ and the ‘Red Rock Noodle Bar’.

The results of the pedestrian survey was reported to the May 2020 Council meeting and it was resolved that that we consult on such a proposal and we are now seeking your feedback on your support or otherwise of the proposed zebra crossings.It should be noted that associated with the proposed zebra crossings, carparks will be rationalised by converting the carparks on the northern side of the road from 45 degree to 60 degree to be consistent with that on the southern side of the road but will still mean the loss of six on-street parking spaces as a result.

However, such a proposal will make the street more ‘walkable’ and encourage pedestrians to stay longer as it will be easier for people to get around.A plan of the proposal is attached for information.

We are also seeking feedback on whether you would like to see the removal of the wheelstops as it has come to our attention that there have been a number of incidents where pedestrians have tripped over the wheelstops. The wheelstops were put in place as a result of a number of businesses concerned about the scraping of their undercarriage on the high kerb. The wheelstops also stop the encroachment of vehicles into outdoor dining by being set back from the existing kerb.

A community informaiton day was held on Satuday 22 August.

Consultation closes on this proposal on the 11th September 2020. The results of the consultation will be brought back to Council for further consideration but such a proposal is currently unfunded.

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