What's happening

As part of the 2020-21 public toilet plan, the City of PAE proposed to replace the public toilet building in St Patricks Square Reserve, Alberton and relocate it closer to other facilities. The project was then included in the 2021-22 Capital Works program for construction.

However, as we began construction in May 2022, some residents raised concerns about both the new location and our initial lack of consultation with the community. We therefore temporarily halted construction to consult with the residents and property owners surrounding the reserve.

It was clear from the feedback received at the time that the majority of residents were opposed to the new location. Some residents preferred a more central position within the reserve where others preferred us to refurbish/replace the building in its current location.

The original facility is located away from other amenities such as the fitness station, playground and courts area. For this reason we believe that relocating the building to a more suitable location along the existing path is the more practical option. Doing so will also provide more open space within the reserve and encourage more activities in the area.

Having listened to your feedback, we proposed a new location for the amenities building.

What we asked

During July and August 2022, we asked for your feedback on the proposed location for the new St Patricks Square Reserve toilet facility and if you had any other feedback or concerns about the toilet replacement.

We sent a letter and hard copy survey to residents in close proximity to the reserve, as well as providing an online survey on Have Your Say PAE.

What we heard

Next steps

Council staff have reviewed the feedback received from the recent consultation about the new public toilet building in St Patricks Square Reserve and are satisfied that most residents are happy with the new location.

Construction works on the new public toilet building in St Patricks Square Reserve at the new location will commence shortly.

We anticipate that construction will begin in early November 2022 and aim for an approximate completion date of late January 2023 (weather permitting and depending on any unforeseen circumstances which may arise).

The works will include but not limited to:

  • Construction of new public toilet building.
  • Demolition of existing the public toilet building once the new facility is operational.
  • Footpath reinstatement works as required.
  • Landscaping & irrigation works as required.
  • Removal of the previous works and reinstatement of lawn area.

We would like to thank you for providing valuable feedback on the proposal and look forward to a successful completion of the project.