Street Share Spots Project Update

Thanks for your interest and involvement in the Street Share Spots Project!

Final locations have been chosen, little libraries have been installed (except for one – coming!), and two great yarn bombing events have taken place. See the map below and scroll further for the list.

Thanks again for your contributions and we hope you enjoy a Street Share Spot near you!

Map legend

Light pink drop pinLittle library - final location
Light blue drop pinYarn bombing - final location
Dark pink dotLittle library - suggested location
Dark blue dotYarn bombing - suggested location
Orange dotGrow free cart - suggested location

Final chosen locations

Little libraries

  1. Augusta Street Reserve, Hillcrest – by the playground, opposite number 25 Augusta Street.
  2. St Albans Reserve, Clearview – on the reserve, opposite number 8 Turner Ave.
  3. Browning St, Clearview – front garden of number 21 Browning St.
  4. Kilburn Community Centre, Glastone Ave – in the butterfly garden outside the Centre.
  5. Portland Road, Queenstown – outside reserve, opposite number 16 Portland Road.
  6. Newport - not yet installed.
  7. Greenacres – Karoomba Ave, outside entrance to Hampstead Primary School.
  8. Klemzig Oval – OG Road entrance, on the left of the footpath, opposite the playground.
  9. Roy Amer reserve – outside Lakeside café.
  10. Francis St Reserve, Lightsview – on the footpath, north end of the reserve, outside number 13 Jacob Lane.
  11. Phillips Reserve, Semaphore – on the footpath at north of reserve, behind WOW FM building.
  12. Bond St Reserve, Northfield – opposite number 9 Bond St.

Yarn Bombing

Phillips Reserve, Swan Terrace, Semaphore (playground area)

9 October 2021

This session was relaxed & informal with around 30 people. The kids loved it, all thoroughly enjoyed having their faces painted, playing the games and eating the cupcakes! We were lucky with the weather, although quite windy and cool, the rain stayed away. Councillor Wilkins came and had a good chat with some of the local community.

St Albans Terrace, Clearview (playground area)

16 October 2021

This session was very interactive with over 70 people! Most people took part in the yarn bombing and made some great additions to the fence-line. This included a toddler that absolutely loved it, and a lot of the parents getting involved too. The weather threatened to rain but held off. It was a fun-filled day, the face-painter was flat out! Councillors Barbara Clayton & Carol Martin both attended the day.

Grow Free Carts

We are holding off on installing Grow Free carts for now on PIRSA’s advice, but if fruit fly restrictions ease, we’ll look to do this as soon as we can.


Please note that some chosen locations were submitted outside this online process, and a couple of the suggested sites were wonderful but not appropriate to place a Share Spot, so we went nearby instead!

Previous consultation

Could your street use a little share spot, or splash of colour? Let us know!

We're looking for places to put street libraries, grow free carts and yarn bombing.

Click through the tabs below to learn more, and choose on each map where you think they should go!

1. Little libraries

Image of little library - books in a small cupboard on the street.

Little libraries are small weather-proof cupboards placed on the street, where people can leave books to share with others, or take a book if they like! Learn more here.

Scroll down to suggest little library locations on the map.

We have up to 6 to find homes for. If your spot is chosen, we will work with local makers to build and install the Library, and then it is up to the local community to bring it to life!

2. Grow Free carts

Grow free cart with vegetables, jars and books to share

Grow Free carts allow neighbourhoods to share excess produce, seedlings, jars and other homemade wares.

The tag-line is "take what you need, give what you can". Learn more here.

Scroll down to suggest Grow Free cart locations on the map.

We have up to 6 to find homes for. We are looking for people to submit locations where they can be custodians of the cart - to take care of it and bring it in at night if needed. If your spot is chosen, we will work with local makers to build the cart, bring it to you.. and then it's up to you to bring it to life!

We note that some areas of our community are currently in a fruit fly outbreak. Any carts in these areas will have to adhere to local restrictions.

3. Yarn bombing

Street trees with colourful yarn crocheted around the trunks.

Yarn bombing is using knitted or crocheted wool to bring colour to an area.

Yarn bombing can be done on trees, posts, benches, you name it!

Learn more here.

Scroll down to suggest yarn bombing locations on the map.

We will work with local yarn bombing specialists, knitters, crocheters and other community crafters to yarn bomb popular areas (subject to approval).