About the project

The North and Central Enfield, and Clearview Local Area Traffic Management Scheme (LATM) aims to improve road safety and traffic management throughout the study area.

Council undertook initial community consultation in February 2020 to seek feedback about traffic related issues in the study area bounded by Grand Junction Road, Main North Road, Branson Avenue and Hampstead Road.

Please refer to the Document Library for further details on the alterations proposed as part of this project.

Feedback on the draft scheme is open to the community till 21 May 2021. Please note that your feedback must include full name and address, and it will be treated as a public document.

The overall project timeline was interrupted by the pandemic in 2020. However we are now back in action to present our Draft LATM Scheme for public consultation with the suburbs.

We received over 250 feedback submissions from the community telling us about their observations on speeding, traffic volume, parking and other relevant matters. This feedback along with the technical data (including traffic counts and crash history) and onsite observations, provided us with a good framework to identify streets that require intervention. Thanks to all who took the time to share your thoughts - it is greatly appreciated.

A working group consisting of seven residents from across the suburb was formed to assist us in the development of the plan. Members of the working group bring their valuable local knowledge from within the study area to the study.

Following the completion of the consultation period, Council staff will consider the feedback received and report these to Council with a view to implement the LATM plan in August 2021, subject to Council consideration.